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 Gurcharan Das- an eminent Indian writer and commentator writes " Every Indian must read this book by Sanjeev Sabhlok Ex IAS"
Comments below by Rajput are worth reading.
The book is available on the internet for on line reading. Hard copy is available with Oxford Press and
Prem Sabhlok

 'It must be read by every Indian’
- Gurcharan Das, author of India Unbound

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For the detailed recommendation of Gurcharan Das, click the book image below. The recommendation is on the back cover.

These include: 
* An amazing read
* Great primer on India
* [H]ighly recommend … to anyone who wants to understand Individual liberty in an Indian context
* An ‘Ode to Freedom’
* I highly recommend you find out for yourself what Sanjeev has to say
* This is a real good account for … all those who dream, yearn [for], and envisage … a great India!
* Deserves serious reading ….
Published Dec. 2008
December 2008: Breaking Free of Nehru published by Anthem Press. July 2009: After a successful print run, the author and Mr. Tej P. S. Sood of Anthem Press UK agreed over email on 9 July 2009 to "bring the contract for publication of this book in India or elsewhere to an end, without obligation." The author […]
Reviews in the media
Breaking Free of Nehru has been reviewed in the media as well as by significant blogs, including: (a) Telegraph, Kolkata 19 Dec. 2008 (b) Bharat Times, Melbourne Dec. 2008 (c) India Link, Melbourne March 2009 (d) Satyameva Jayate 12 June 2009 (e) Reason for Liberty 23 June 2009. (f) Freedom First, Mumbai, 1 October 2009. […]
Sanjeev’s next book
Sanjeev is currently working on his next book, The Discovery of Freedom, a draft manuscript of which is available for free download.   The book Breaking Free of Nehru started its life as A Short History of Freedom in early 2005. It grew quite large so it had to be split into two. Breaking Free […]





A patriot has done a great service to his fellow

countrymen/women by writing a book calling for the abolition of
BABOOS and INERT ministers the wish is as futile as Bapu
Gandhi’s call to abolish the All India Congress Party after it had
shown their “patriotism” by surrendering five provinces to
please the Indian Muslims in 1947.Still it is the best news of the

IAS has become a bunch of "BABOONS", totally subservient to
the corrupt rulers and politicians, who have shown no initiative,
no new ideas and no improvement to reform the crippling
system of red tape and bureaucracy that waste years of a
citizen's life making him a coolie or moron in the end. Like the
ministers, they, too, are corrupt, dishonest and unreliable. 
RED TAPE of the Mogul Era, that had trapped the suffering
Hindus under tons of Sharia Law of Koran, was wiped out by the
British rulers on one day after they ousted the last senile
Mohammedan Emperor in 1857 but since India was again slave
colony and the natives had to be kept busy, filling in forms,
getting them verified and attested, and re-attested, was
necessary under the new complicated system of unending paper
work. The citizens were all kept so busy in form filling and
queuing up to buy essentials of daily use that they could never
think of liberation from the foreign yoke. India had to wait for
the end of World War 2 to hope for freedom from foreigners. But
as ill luck would have it, NETAJI, Shyama Prasad Mookerjee
and SardarPATEL were no more, leaving the field to another
anglicised  brown skin “coolie” of Empire, Jawaharlal Nehru.
Instead of liberating the natives from the crushing load of red
tape and bureaucracy he let the IAS create more and more
ingenious ways to tie the natives down under pestering rules and
regulations. Bribery and corruption flourished.
Countless capable Indians (NRI’s) left the native
shores, seeking freedoms abroad.
India is most unfortunate where the natives are brainwashed
and conditioned over centuries to willingly give a ride to any
foreigner. How they have been charmed by a useless ITALIAN
born Sonia Maino, No. 1 security risk, by putting patriotism and
self esteem under her foot. Would she like to see a Hindu
smiling? Would she wish to cut red tape? Would she speak up for
eradication of corruption?
Given the tolerant, timid and subservient Hindus, our Bharat
cannot have a REVOLUTION where  everything useless and
cumbersome is set on fire, and new beginnings are made.
Such is the case with the newly independent countries in Eastern
Europe that went through the sudden collapse of the Soviet
Union and had to write up totally new rules in the fresh air of
freedom in 1991. Gone is the red tape there. To give an example,
it takes SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS to buy a house in England with all
those time consuming legal searches (where bureaucracy is
frozen since the times of Magna Carta) but only three days to buy
a house or apartment in Lithuania with all legal formalities
completed! An NRI who bought his house in Vilnius in three days
cried for the Indians back home who are trapped in the
labyrinthian  “baboodom”. 
India has no hope of any REVOLUTION by her majority
community who are flat under the rulers' foot like a deflated
balloon, but she will ultimately be overwhelmed by a foreign
power once again. Then this BABOODOM will also die and many
a citizen will kneel down to THANK  A NEW AVTAR 'GOD.'
We would like to congratulate the learned author of the book
who pleads for the abolition of IAS. What a CONTRAST these
"baboons" are to the original ICS (Indian Civil Service) of pre
Partition days!
India did not get freedom in 1947. She got
“MUTILATED” (Partition) and her citizens lived under far worse
bureaucracy thereafter.
Only Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru got Independence.
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