Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Real Rape Capital of India. Check your Constituency

The  Real Rape Capital of India. Check your Constituency

The popular belief is that New Delhi, besides being the national capital, is also the rape capital of India. But official figures by the National Crime Records Bureau for 2012 state otherwise.

Madhya Pradesh reported the highest number of rape cases (3,425). Rajasthan ranks second with 2,049 cases followed by West Bengal (2,046) and Uttar Pradesh (1,963).'s data journalists have broken down 2012 district-wise NCRB data into a constituency-wise listing.

Crime figures have been calculated based on cases per million population.

Mizoram constituency has the highest incidence of rape in the country (94 cases per million population), Chandni Chowk comes second (86 cases per million) and third is Shillong constituency (81 cases per million).



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